JCATS Low Overhead Driver (JLOD) is a joint multi-sided, real-time, high resolution, interactive computer-based simulation that models force interactions on a global level down to the individual soldier. Designed as a White Cell tool, JLOD provides wrap around signatures for JCATS and the Joint Live Virtual Constructive (JLVC) federation.

World-wide representation of distributed operations is provided using HLA as its backbone and generating position and other tactical signatures for stimulation of C4I systems. JLOD is JLVC-focused and is designed to portray large entity counts, movement for military and civilian operations, and TBM/IAD network play.

JLOD also has a stand-alone planner tool enabling operators to plan orders in parallel to an ongoing exercise ensuring order correctness and proper signature generation before they are injected into the exercise.

Information Documents

Help Desk Support for JLOD

support [at] odo.llnl.gov


Supported Versions

JLOD V6.0.2 (V6.0.2)

JLOD V7.0 (Current Version)

Version in Development


How to Get JLOD

DOD Customers

Contact: Don Weter
M&S Analysis/Program Manager
Environment Operations Division
Joint Staff J7
Suffolk VA 23435
(001) (757) 203-7649; DSN: 668-7649 0
Fax; (757) 203-7056
NIPR: donald.e.weter.civ [at] mail.mil

US Customers

Contact: Mark Piscotty
JCATS Program Lead
(001) 925-422-2052
support [at] odo.llnl.gov

International Customers

Contact: Thomas J. Beanland
NH-III, FMS Life Cycle Project Director,
Field OPS Directorate, US Army PEO STRI
(001) 407-384-3538 (DSN 970) Office
thomas.j.beanland.civ [at] mail.mil