JCATS and JLOD Help Desk

support [at]

National Simulation Center - Help Desk for JLCCTC
and Army Customers

(001) (913) 684-8353
usarmy.leavenworth.cac.list.erf-helpdesk-support [at]

Joint Staff J7 - Joint Force Development

Don Weter
JCATS Program Manager
Joint Staff J7 (DDJT, EAD)
116 Lakeview Parkway
Suffolk VA 23435-2697
(001) (757) 203-7649; DSN: 668-7649
Fax; (757) 203-7056
NIPR: donald.e.weter.civ [at]

Joint Training Data Services (JTDS)

JTDS Unclassified *
(* Must have DOD CAC Card to access. Contact JTDS Help Desk for assistance.)
(001) 757-203-6280
helpdesk [at] (JTDS Help Desk)

Foreign Military Sales (PEO STRI)

Thomas J. Beanland
NH-III, FMS Life Cycle Project Director,
Field OPS Directorate, US Army PEO STRI
Office:(001) 407-384-3538 (DSN 970)
thomas.j.beanland.civ [at]

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